Amanda knew all the right questions to ask. She helped me hone my message, identify my audience, and understand which marketing strategies would be most effective. I left our time together with actionable steps and an abundance of resources that are helping me move forward with my business. Amanda met me where I'm at and quickly moved me to the next level.

Amy Norvell, Founder | Nurture Your Joy

Working in-person with Amanda was a great decision for our firm. She helped us revive our subscription website and accelerated our timeline considerably over trying to navigate this on our own. Having all the stakeholders in the same room allowed Amanda to ask the right questions and keep us focused on the same goal. I would highly recommend working with Amanda and we look forward to working with her in the future. A+

Don Arkell, Senior Consultant | CU Lending Advice, LLC

Why spend 6 months of burn looking for answers if you can just spend a few hours picking Amanda's brain? She knew what questions to ask, did a thorough assessment of my subscription box business, and helped set me on the right path toward scaling.

Jack Benzaquen, Founder & CEO | Duradry

An hour with Amanda was time very well spent! She asked me some tough questions about processes, our ideal customers, my role and how our sales operation can scale. It sparked a lot of discussion among our team and has led to meaningful changes in how we approach sales. Count yourself among the luckiest of salespeople if you get to spend time with Amanda.

Jimmy Daly, Marketing Director | Animalz

Amanda has gone above and beyond as a consultant for us. She is true to her word and gets work done when she says she is going to do it. She has a depth of knowledge that has helped us to solve some business problems we've been unable to tackle in house. Amanda has worked with us on two projects and has exceeded our expectations both times. Her assistance has been invaluable to us and I would recommend her marketing and sales expertise to anyone.

Matt Tagliavia, Senior Director of Marketing | InventHelp

Amanda was a total pro. She obviously knows the membership space well, and more than that, was super present with me on each of our phone calls. She listened very well to my questions, clarified the big points, made sure I knew exactly what I needed, and then filled in the blanks very well. I was impressed with her initiative to bring up & research additional questions I hadn't previously considered. I love working with people who “know their stuff” AND are great to work with! I would definitely recommend Amanda to others working on memberships, and I'm sure I'll be calling on her again for additional help as needed.

Sonia Stringer, CEO | Business Academy for Women