Engagement Options

Executive consulting & coaching calls

One on one coaching on an ongoing basis can be tremendously impactful for your business. Sometimes it takes an outsider – a second set of eyes – to help you clear the roadblocks and pave the way to achieving your short and long term business and lifestyle goals. I can step in, meet you where you're at, and set you on a path to success while considering your budget, time constraints, and top priorities.

We’ll start with an intense discovery process to learn all the particulars about you and your business. We diagnose problem areas, set goals, prioritize, and provide clear advice & steps to move forward. Then, we keep you on track with regularly scheduled calls plus access to me via a private Slack channel, email, and phone at the drop of a hat.

Consulting & Coaching calls can happen on a semi-weekly, weekly, bi-weekly cadence and also provides you with general & emergency access to me, all on a quarterly retainer.

Project based work within a well defined scope and time period

Project based work can encompass any service listed in the “Here’s How I can Help” section below. Project plans are created on a ad-hoc basis and include a well defined scope, timeline, fee schedule, and list of applicable deliverables.

Interim or Fractional Executive positions such as CRO or COO

Fractional and interim executive engagements are scoped based on the unique needs of each client. These roles typically last 3-6 months and I will actually assume the title and responsibilities of the needed executive. I frequently enter these roles to stand up new teams, departments, or functional units, or optimize an existing team, processes, and revenue.

Executive Leave Coverage (parental, disability, etc.)

Similar to a fractional or interim executive role, providing executive leave coverage means that I work with the departing team member prior to their scheduled leave and assume their day-to-day responsibilities while they’re away. Upon return to their role, the executive and I work together again to ensure their seamless transition back to work.

Executive leave coverage engagements are scoped based on the unique needs of each client.

Service packages are customized based on the needs of each client, but you can assume an average hourly rate of $375 for retainer and project based work

Time to level-up! Here’s how I can help:

  • Act as an advisor, confidant, consultant, coach, and accountability partner to the founder(s), CEO, and/or executive team
  • Get the right people in the right roles: defining roles/positions, interviewing, negotiating compensation, creating 90 day performance and onboarding plans, KPI/OKR creation and implementation, and accountability structures
  • Assess your Go To Market function (Marketing, Sales, Customer Success & Sales), Product, and Finances and provide strategic and tactical output on how to grow your business and ensure alignment throughout
  • Do executive level individual contributor work or specific projects
  • Facilitate company-wide Vision, Mission, Values creation and/or crystallization
  • Help the company embody your organizational values down to the individual and how day-to-day business is conducted
  • Build accountability and compensation structures that align individuals’ day-to-day behavior and performance with the overall goals of the company
  • Facilitate long-term, annual, and quarterly planning
  • Operationalize your annual plan down to the tactical, individual level so your company accomplishes its yearly goals, step-by-step
  • Run CEO Skip-level reviews
  • Provide General management consulting
  • Create & Optimize operational structure and governance
  • Act as an Advisor to the Board of Directors
  • Plan company and leadership team off-sites
  • Plan annual and quarterly roadmaps, and associated follow-on accountability structures, meeting cadences, etc.
  • Build out or restructuring of your Organizational Chart
  • Create infrastructure for sustainable growth: vision, mission, values, goals, strategy, long-term and annual planning, operational structure and governance, roadmapping, compensation planning, org chart optimization, accountability structures, management consulting, operationalizing values throughout, and more.
  • Lead virtual or on-site single or multi day custom workshops
  • Create Roles & Responsibilities documents for executive and go-to-market positions
  • Design & administer internal surveys; assess results; make recommendations for changes and plans to implement
  • Design & administer customer surveys; assess results; make recommendations for changes and plans to implement
  • Creation of recurring revenue products or services that compliment your current offerings, and how to market and sell them.