Sales team recruiting

Let's work together to build your high performance subscription sales team

In January 2020, I partnered with a team of sales staff recruiting veterans with a stellar track record & reputation. I can now help you staff a stellar subscription sales team, from SDR all the way to CSO!

Recruiting sales staff for recurring revenue products requires a unique skill set, tried and true vetting process, and sometimes it just takes one to know one.

For you, this means I can not only staff your sales team, but if you'd like, I can work with them on an ongoing basis for long-term subscription sales success.

Assessing candidates for a proven track record of past success that will transfer to your subscription organization, and for the all important cultural fit in your unique company is a one-two punch you can't afford to miss.

With a veteran recruiting team behind me, coupled with my 15+ years in the online subscription space, I will source and present properly vetted top tier candidates for subscription sales teams and can help coach them up to become a long term A+ performers.

Our unique candidate sourcing strategy and evaluation criteria has set our recruiting service apart for over 17 years. Our candidate guarantee provides you with the peace of mind you need to build a subscription sales team of A+ players that will take your organization to the next level.

Let's talk about your team! Email now and we'll schedule a time to chat.