Sales in the Subscription Economy Podcast

We're all feeling the effects of the global pandemic – this is uncharted territory for all of us. Sales in the Subscription Economy is a podcast by Sales VPs for Sales VPs competing in the subscription economy trying to not just survive this crisis, but emerge from it even better. If you want in on that, listen up – the experts I'm interviewing share boatloads of sage wisdom that you can start implementing with your sales team today.

I'm Amanda Northcutt, and I've asked Sales VPs across multiple industries the same 12 questions and have uncovered some incredible advice as well as hard truths about building and scaling sales teams that sell recurring revenue products and services.

We tackle difficult questions with regard to the ever changing economic landscape as a result of COVID-19 as well.

After 15+ years of working in and on recurring revenue businesses across dozens of industries in 4 continents as a sales leader, coach, consultant, and fractional CSO, I've found that the "who" of an organization is often a much bigger challenge to overcome than the "what" that a business offers.

I continue to consult, coach, and act as a fractional CSO, but have also taken my breadth of experience and am focusing on the "who" challenge within sales teams to help sales leaders like you recruit & build the sales teams of your dreams.