Sales in the Subscription Economy #12

Here's what you need to know this week:

How to Grow B2B Sales During the “New Normal” of 2020 & Beyond by Sanjit Singh, Founder and CEO of

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s critical to redefine your company’s value as customers redefine their definition of value as we move into the “new normal."
  • You and your company will have to do some deep thinking about the new business environment post COVID-19. What does this new world need from your company? What are your company’s strengths? Regardless of your position, can you encourage your leadership to pivot if necessary? If you were building a company from scratch right now, what would it look like? What can your company learn from this exercise? Brainstorm and iterate until you feel like your company is on the right track.
  • Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and ask yourself, “How are they re-prioritizing right now? How would I spend money if I was in their position? Am I helping my customer unlock more value? Sell more? Cut costs? Sell more while cutting costs?” And listen to your customers more intently than ever and help them do more with less.
  • You can certainly reference the crisis and let people know how you can help them through it, but don’t focus exclusively on it. And remember, emotions are running high, so downplay any strong opinions you have about COVID-19 and its impact.
  • Members of your own sales team may be dealing with a variety of emotional, medical, and financial issues. Be kind, compassionate and patient with them. Listen and be supportive and provide whatever resources you can. We all need that right now.

3 Not-So-Obvious Shifts You MUST Make to Sell in Uncertain Times by Todd Caponi on SalesHacker

Key Takeaways:

  • Optimize your message – we're all experiencing the global crisis together and we all have the same basic priorities: eliminating discretionary spending, extending the runway on essentials, and minimizing risk. So, evaluate your message and optimize it with a sole focus on those 3 things. Revenue growth is a "nice-to-have" right now. How does your solution solve for each of these 3 priorities? Hone your message accordingly.
  • Cut the red tape and optimize the buying journey for the customer. Meaning, simplify the sales process and eliminate any unnecessary steps. Embrace transparency by giving your buyer both the pros and cons of buying from you; negotiate transparently – don't play games; get your new customers to value recognition FAST.
  • Keep selling, smarter. Pick an industry vertical and focus solely on it for a while. Become an expert on those prospects' issues. That will earn you credibility, confidence, and the ability to have demonstrable empathy for your prospect. It will also lessen the homework you have to do between calls.
  • Messaging developed during an economic upswing often will not work during a downturn. If you haven’t already, optimize your messaging, remove friction from the buying journey wherever possible, keep selling!

2 Ingredients for successful B2B sales: Agility and Stability by Boudewijn Driedonks and Ryan Paulowsky

Key Takeaways:

  • Amanda's note: the full article is absolutely worth the read. We know the organizations who make it in the long run are agile and adaptable. There is a killer graphic in the article that effectively demonstrates what your sales organization needs to look like right now to thrive, so check it out!
  • I want to specifically highlight the following section of the article so you can give yourself a quick and solid gut check: Five trademarks of agile B2B sales organizations. How do you match up?
  • Common aspiration across the sales organization (“North Star”)
  • Network of empowered sales teams (supported by digital capabilities)
  • Rapid decisions and dynamic pipeline management
  • Dynamic people support to foster customer-centric sales capabilities
  • Next-generation-enabling technology

Last but not least, Hubspot is tracking some compelling sales metrics right now that you need to be following. This week's numbers are actually encouraging!!

New Sales in the Subscription Economy Podcasts!

Podcast #10: Germain Brion, SVP of Global Sales at Chargebee demonstrates the unwavering importance of tracking leading indicators right now, making great sales hires by bringing the heat during interviews, team mental health, and future-proofing your customers' businesses.

Podcast #11: Kyle Petersen, VP of Sales at Gusto challenges Sales to "be a solution to a problem worth solving," the Success = Skill x Will equation, leading with empathy & value, and more!

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