Sales in the Subscription Economy #10

Keep hanging in there. This won't last forever. I so sincerely hope that you and yours are well. If there's anything I might be able to help you with, grab a 30-minute call with me and let's talk through it.

2 New Sales in the Subscription Economy podcasts episodes dropped today!

Podcast #5:Steve Smith, Uber & Yelp alum and current Global Head of Sales for Myagi, tells us how to"slow down to speed up", improve cross-departmental communication through workshopping, and more!

**Podcast #6:**Drew Lawrence, Director of Sales at Xactly Corp, serial founder, and a hugely effective manager, takes a deep dive into sales compensation structure for recurring revenue sales teams that you don't want to miss.

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The new podcast is a conversation with Sales VPs for Sales VPs competing in the subscription economy who are **trying not to just survive this crisis, but emerge from it even better.**Subscribe now and be one of those leaders!

Here's what you need to know this week:

  1. Get these:Good (Crisis) Email Templates from All they require is your email address. They're worth it. Do it.
  2. I deem this article unsummarizable ;) yet absolutely worthy of your time. Mary Grothe, CEO of SalesBQ nails what kind of infrastructure and Sales & Marketing alignment we should all be shooting for.Read it!
  3. Dan Martell is a really smart and enormously successful guy. If you're a leader and don't follow him, you should. I heard him speak at a conference back in 2018 and his path to success is a roundabout and compelling tale. And I may or may not have sent my 9-year-old son this video to watch: How to Start Your Day Like a Multi-Millionaire. I may or may not also put sticky notes on the books I read (on book #29 of the year) with the appropriate age for my son to read them...
  4. Read How to Comp Sales Teams in a Crisis. It's already in bullet point format for you, so check it out! By Lindsey Armstrong of Xant.

I'm just going to break down one HBR article for you today that really stood out to me. We know that grit and resilience are top traits of successful people, perhaps especially sales people. The trick is, how do we bake resilience building in to our sales leadership roles in the midst of an unparalleled global crisis? Here's how:

Build Your Team's Resilience – From Home by David Sluss and Edward Powley on
Key Takeaways:

  • To build your team's resilience, focus on 2 things: people & perspective.
  • There are 3 predictors that people will have resilience: high levels of confidence in their abilities, disciplined routines for their work, and social and family support.
  • Check in individually with your reports and asking directly how comfortable they feel telecommuting, how they plan to schedule their work days, and how you might support them with any life or family commitments. And then make an individualized plan to support each of your team members.
  • **Show compassion:**demonstrate that you genuinely care about your team as not just employees, but people.
  • A large body of research shows that the most effective way to increase resilience at work is through customized individual coaching.
  • Help your team members face down reality. Accepting things as they are is key to building resilience.
  • You can also remind people that they can rely on and collaborate with others. There is power in reminding them they’re not alone, and in building a network of support during adversity.
  • Focus on the learning opportunities lying within the adversity rather than despite the adversity.
  • Highlighting what the team is learning during the adversity will collectively strengthen it in all three critical protective factors: confidence, disciplined routines, and support.
  • "If you successfully implement the tactics we offer here, you just may find that they not only bounce back from these difficult times but emerge much stronger as people and as a team." And that's what we're all going for folks! Let's not let this crisis and massive loss of life be all for naught.

This is an unprecedented opportunity for you to get your sh*t together: sales SOPs, your team, sales enablement, and everything else.

No, no one really wants to do that, but we all want to be the best. We're in sales for a reason. We thrive on competition, winning, and big rewards.

Unfortunately, that doesn't happen without a detail-oriented, perfectionist, maximizer, filling in the gaps. Oh hey, that's me!

Get serious about becoming the best and see how Sales Solutions Sessions + Roadmap can help you emerge from this crisis at the top of your team's sales game.

**Book that 30 minute exploratory call with me right now– let's get your sales machine operating at full strength.**And no kidding, even if you can't afford it, book a call with me and let's see if I can help. We all need to bring our skills to the table to help others in need. For those of you who can pay, I'll be grateful. This is a scary time, financially among other things, for my family, too.

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