About me

I am one of the foremost experts on launching, growing, and scaling online subscription based businesses, having worked in the online subscription & membership space since 2006.

I started as the Director of Sales (and second employee) at a subscription based website for avid collegiate sports fans in 2006. At the time, that subscription website was in a difficult financial position and struggling to make payroll. By the time I left in 2014, the site was valued at 8 figures and had become the industry standard for collegiate sports fan websites in the world.

I played an integral role in subscription marketing, sales, retention, strategic planning and business development, and was responsible for growing their sponsorship & advertising program from $10,000 annually to over $5 million in sales.

I have been consulting in the membership & subscription space since I left my in-house position in 2014 and have helped plan, optimize, and scale dozens of online businesses since with tremendous results.

I live at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Fort Collins, CO with my husband, Travis, and son, Kyle. I’m an avid cyclist, bookworm, yogi, mountain biker, hiker, and skier.