I help founders of SaaS, subscription, and online membership businesses get their revenue machines running at full strength through coaching, consulting, recruiting, and as a fractional executive.

I'm Amanda Northcutt. If you're looking to optimize profit in your recurring revenue business, you're in the right place.

My speciality is helping your Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success teams seamlessly work together to create the experience of your customers' dreams – one that maximizes their LTV (customer lifetime value) and creates loyal evangelists of your brand!

Having the right players playing the right positions on your team is another pivotal piece to your success. Not only can I help as a coach, consultant, and fractional executive, but I can help you build revenue teams of A+ performers that ramp up faster, exceed their targets, and not only fit, but add to your organization's culture!

You'll notice — right from our first strategy call — the impact that my 17+ years of experience in revenue optimization for online recurring revenue businesses, will have on your team.

Chances are, I've seen your problem before and I know how to tackle it head-on.

Why spend 6 months of burn looking for answers if you can just spend a few hours picking Amanda's brain? She knew what questions to ask, did a thorough assessment of my subscription box business, and helped set me on the right path toward scaling.

Jack Benzaquen, Founder & CEO | Duradry

What's it like to work with me?

Your first step is to fill out the contact form below so I can start to understand your business, and where you need help. I can give you immediate “fresh eyes” on problems you're stuck on, big-picture suggestions, and a new perspective that might be all you need to unblock your path.

An hour with Amanda was time very well spent! She asked me some tough questions about processes, our ideal customers, my role and how our sales operation can scale. It sparked a lot of discussion among our team and has led to meaningful changes in how we approach sales. Count yourself among the luckiest of salespeople if you get to spend time with Amanda.

Jimmy Daly, Marketing Director | Animalz

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